Education system
WT-3800 Education Infrared Microphone with dual 25W amplifier

【Comprehensive Parameter】

■Carrier Frequency:2.35~2.85MHz ■ S/N ratio:>100dB
■Diverge Degree:±40Hz with commander circuit ■ Distortion:<0.2%,A weight 1KHz
■ Range on frequency:40Hz~15k±3d ■ Audio Transmition:Digital infrared


Part A Chief Receiver Machine

■ Receiver Requency:2.35~2.85MHz

■ Output level:240mV
■ Line:450mV ■ Voltage:100V~240V 50Hz
■ Dimension:W:300xH:198xD:60mm ■ Weight:1750g
Part B Hanging Microphone
■ Mode: single-minded directional condenser ■ Emissivity:2.35~2.85MHz
■ Battery:2*AA rechargeable battery 1800MAh ■ Working hours: nearly 12hours
■ Dimension:W118xL31xD35mm ■ Weight【with battery】89.8g
Part C Hanging Infrared Microphone Charge
■ Charging mode: Impulse speediness rechargeable ■ Voltage:100~240V 50Hz
■ Charging power: DC 7V 1000mA ■ Charging time: nearly 8hours
■ Dimension:W:108xH:50xD:39mm ■ Weight 77.6g
Partc D System Main Function

■ Audio Signal Input: D/MP3/ campus broadcast

■ Musical Auto Switch
■ Hanging MIC has host/guest priority function ■ Power on amplifier:25W X 2
■ Audio output: Dual channel,4 loudspeaker plug ■ Built-in high sensitivity receiver